Local Tattoo Lansing Michigan Jay Ellis tattoo artist profile
Jay Ellis

A family guy with 3 children. Tattooing for 12 yrs. drawing inspiration from all walks of life and artistry. Enjoy any type of tattooing style. “It just depends on what i’m into at that time as far as what i’m creating” I Draw a lot of my work from realism constantly pressing myself to be better in all aspects. A believer in your only as good as your last piece be it sculpting, painting, body art,pencil, whatever medium the art is based in. I practice and utilize all mediums trying not to be a one trick pony. One of my favorite quotes by Ernst Fischer “In a decaying society art should also reflect decay , less it is to break form from its social function, it must show the world as changeable and help to change it. “Art is life and vice versa as long as your open to see it. ” Be altruistic , be free , Thanks for taking the time to venture here. 

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